Texan Food Security Program in Memory of Colt Williams

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By Tarleton State University

Texan Food Security Program in Memory of Colt Williams

Food insecurity/hunger affects many college students nationwide. The Purple Pantry at Tarleton State University is committed to supporting these students in need, allowing them to focus on academics and co-curricular activities with fewer worries.

The Purple Pantry is part of the department of Student Resources and Basic Needs, and is conveniently located right on the campus of Tarleton. The pantry is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, providing students with consistent access to non-perishable foods, fresh produce, frozen meals, academic supplies, and hygiene items. Below are some stats from Spring 2023:

  • 4,156 student entries to the Purple Pantry
  • 29,246 total items provided to students
  • 440 half-gallons of milk provided
  • 217 bars of soap provided
  • 2,172 granola/fruit bars provided 

To advance the fight against food insecurity, Tarleton is introducing the Texan Food Security Program in Memory of Colt Williams. This program will provide Tarleton students in need with free access to a fully prepared meal from the on-campus Dining Center up to three times a day. Students will be able to receive meal swipes loaded to their student ID’s that will allow them to enter the dining hall in the same way as every other student, removing any stigma or embarrassment they may feel for not being able to afford the meal on their own.

We believe that "getting the right nutrients, vitamins, and energy makes a big difference in how our bodies and minds perform”. We are thrilled to be able to offer this service to the students at Tarleton as they pursue excellence.

Your support will help Student Resources and Basic needs provide students with complete nutritious meals to fuel their bodies and minds for success! Please consider making your gift today. 

Thank you!

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