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Student Emergency Fund

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Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund assists Tarleton students who find themselves in financial hardship due to a sudden change in financial status, loss of employment or other obstacles that may negatively impact their academic success or degree completion. Today, the fund is primarily focused on assisting students impacted by financial fallout related to the coronavirus. This fund helps students meet a short-term financial situation and is managed by the Division of Student Affairs. It was established in 2016 when alumni responded to a tornado that hit Stephenville. "How can I help students" was the question from so many alumni. This fund was quickly established with a donation from the Tarleton State University Foundation and others contributed in response.

Since 2016, the Student Emergency Fund has continued to provide for the students in our Tarleton Family. Whether it is due to a personal situation such as a job loss, car accident or major repair, a family crisis, an injury, a home fire or an emergency due to a natural disaster like a tornado or the coronavirus pandemic, Texans know how to help.
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